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About Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an inter-denominational events based social network for single Christians in their 30s, 40s and early 50s living primarily in the North of England and Southern Scotland.
We plan to host 3 to 5 events a year that offer the opportunity for Christian singles to socialise with large numbers of like minded men and women. We aim to choose a variety of venues, primarily focused around the West Yorkshire and M62 corridor area, to afford easy access from the North East, Lancashire & the North West, Yorkshire, the East Midlands and Southern Scotland.

Northern Lights aims to:

  • Be a friendly, fun, social network group providing exciting events for Generation X Christian Singles in Northern England and allied areas of the country.

  • Offer good value for money, well organised, social gatherings (balls, dances, dinners, weekends away, theatre trips etc.) with ample opportunity for folks to interact with each other, to share food and talk. We also seek to ensure that good, cost effective overnight accommodation is available for those travelling from afar, plus concessionary rates are available at most events.

  • Be a forum for making connections, building relationships and providing opportunities for participants to meet other single Christians.

  • Build single Christians up in their lives, through encouragement, self development, educational workshops, and appropriate biblical teaching sessions.

The leadership team of Northern Lights consists of a group of enthusiastic volunteers organising these events and running the group in our spare time. Of course we are always open to new people coming and joining in our activities. If you have ideas and drive, you are more than welcome to participate on the steering group. We have no Membership fees - all events pay for themselves.
Northern Lights is not a dating agency of any sort, although we do want to see our members being blessed with friendships and relationships that build them up and, of course, where appropriate lead to Christian marriage.

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honour one another above yourselves. Romans Ch 12 v 10

Who are we?

Northern Lights was founded in early 2000 by Paul Standidge, Paula Dickson, Simon Pedley, Peter Kelly and Liz Gray in Yorkshire when they recognised that within many churches in the area there were no arrangements for events specifically aimed at single adults in the age range 30s to 40s. Most churches at the time tended to emphasise family events, youth and elderly activities. Indeed, in most small and medium sized churches these days there are limited numbers of single Christians in this age range to connect with. Even in big churches opportunities for hooking up with other 30s and 40s can be minimal. Northern Lights thus came into being and sought to redress this dearth of events for singles particularly in the north of England

Our first event was at Airedale High School in June 2000 with a dance put on by the group through word-of-mouth communication, leading to nearly 100 people attending. Since then we have organised typically three showpiece events each year (averaging 90 - 110 people per event) including many Ceilidhs, Ceroc Dancing, 1970s Discos, a 1940s Ball, as well as biblical teaching days, weekends away at Cliff College Derbyshire, day trips to York and Chester etc. We have met in pubs, hotels, schools, church halls and a golf club.

Our Catchment Area

Northern Lights aims to cover a wide geographic area, with people coming to our events from as far afield as Milton Keynes, Dumfries, Chester and Newcastle Upon Tyne. In effect, the group serves a crosslinking function with the many local Christian Singles groups springing up and based in the north of England. For example, The Gatherers (W. Yorkshire), Interlink (S. Yorkshire), 25 Plus (Manchester), The Christian Ramblers (Yorkshire) and The Network (National, but based in Shropshire), among others, and whose members come to our events. These local groups each provide a range of activities as wide as the collective imagination of their members, ranging from walks to cinema, concert and theatre trips, pub lunches, hanging out in peoples homes, evening dining and cultural excursions. See our "Other Groups" webpage for more information on other activities hosted by those groups.

Our Philosophy & Values

With regular church attendance in any area of England falling under 5% these days, it is hard for single Christians in their 30s , 40s and early 50s to meet like-minded individuals for fellowship, social friendships and relationships. Indeed, it is predicted by sociologists that in 2010 as many as 40% of all British homes will be single adult households although this will include many elderly people. Nevertheless, there are usually many opportunities for Christian Singles to meet and network in the London and South East region. Unfortunately, it is both expensive and difficult to attend such events in the capital from "up north". It is therefore much harder to connect up with similar single people in the more rural and dispersed population areas of Northern England and Southern Scotland.

By bringing together similar single people from a large number of different churches over a wide geographical area, we aim to provide a range of social and cultural events focused around the West & South Yorkshire area specifically tailored to northern singles. We do like to dress up for events and to put on joint events with other groups as appropriate. From farmers to medical professionals, engineers to administrators, people with degrees and those without, all of us love Jesus and are seeking to work out our salvation in the places and situations that God has called us to. Northern Lights as a group aims to embrace all single Christians in their 30s, 40s and early 50s who know the Lord Jesus, follow God the Father, and are open to the Holy Spirit. We welcome the richness of many Christian traditions and our members hail from traditional Anglicans to charismatics, evangelicals to Methodists, and various free churches in between.

The group hopes to honestly face singlehood in the Christian church with the opportunities and challenges that it brings; whether it comes from the never married, the widowed, the divorced or those who find themselves as single parents. Northern Lights is not a dating agency, although over its 7 year existence various relationships have been sparked and several marriages have resulted from the interactions generated.

Copyright ©2007 Northern Lights. All rights reserved.

Past Events

Here are some of the events that you might have missed.

Canal Walk.jpg

Having a leisurely start to the day, the group meet at The Aspley Table Table pub for a lunch followed by a gentle eight mile walk along the beautiful Huddersfield to Mardsen canal. We stopped enroute about half way along for coffee and cake at the little village of Slaithwaite. The day kept fine and was fininshed at the Riverhead Tap Brewery in Marsden with an evening meal and train ride back to Huddersfield.

22 September 2018

Pub Lunch and Walk

Day out in Howarth

17 March 2018

Day Out In Howarth

Chatsworth to embark on a walk uphill through the woods to an unusual looking tower. By the time we reached the tower it was starting to brighten up. We walked downhill to the river where we had a picnic lunch. After lunch we explored the house. The ceilings were richly decorated and there were many impressive paintings hung on the walls. Some members of the group then tried to find their way to the centre of the maze, whilst others visited the gardens.

The day ended with a delicious meal at the Devonshire Arms before we set off on our journeys home.

12 September 2015

Day out in Chatsworth

We had an enjoyable day at Ingleton. It started off with a walk up hill and gradually progressed to reveal the impressive waterfall. The weather was fair and the skies brightened throughout the day. We were led by our able walk leaders Nigel and Katherine who made sure that we all found our way and were able to make the most of the lovely surroundings. We ended the day in a lovely tea shop where cream teas and other delicious snacks were served.

9 May 2015

Ingleton Falls 

We started the day in a pancake house on the Albert Dock where some delicious sweet and savoury pancakes were enjoyed. From there, everyone chose their preferred activity ranging from a trip on the Ferry across the Mersey, to a wander round the Tate modern, or the Beatles tour. There was no shortage of attractions (and I don't just mean the lovely people at Northern lights!). We then wandered back through to Liverpool centre to the Bistro where we had a French cuisine evening meal in a pleasant candle lit atmosphere.

15 November 2014

Liverpool Day

25 of us met in the rather palatial Star Inn The City, a branch of the Michelin awarded establishment just outside Helmsley. We had coffee, it was beautiful. We then meandered through the museum gardens and onto the fortified walls. No amount of battlements could shelter us from the rain though so we marched swiftly to the Spurriergate Centre for an extended lunch. Once refuelled, we went to Fairfax House, a preserved Georgian town dwelling, which was well, well preserved, and restored to its former glory. The guides amused us with their stories, some short, some tall . Then, after a short refreshment stop, we boarded the York Boat, which took us north west for a short time, taking in some lovely views of the Minster. The driver performed a rather impressive 1 point turn considering this was a large vessel.His narration was also detailed, my he could talk for England. Back on dry land the hardened adventurers walked to the Millennium Bridge and took in Rowntree Park, whilst those with shopping tendencies pootled round town, until it was time to come together once again for the evening meal at the Olive Tree Mediterranean restaurant. We certainly kept the waiter on his toes considering this was a large group. Once a gaping discrepancy in the bill was settled it was time to say goodbye to old friends and, more importantly, new ones. We reflected on just how much we had crammed into one day, the conversations had, and the miles walked and sailed, and then the blunt realisation that some of us had parked a fair distance out of the city, so a further walk beckoned!

6 September 2014

Day Out In York  


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